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Thread: Help Resources - Read this BEFORE you post

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    Help Resources - Read this BEFORE you post

    1) Read the following wiki articles:

    - Dictionary of words and their meanings
    - Support options
    - Quick start guide
    - Comprehensive guide

    2) Read the rest of our wiki: Miranda IM Wiki.

    3) Search the forums: Forum Search.

    It is very likely that it has been discussed before and a solution has been provided.

    When you need support:

    If your question is not a simple one, there are things that you can do to get the answer faster.

    - Did you read this post from start to end? Good.
    - Did you search the forums? Good.

    1. Describe the conditions well. Explain what should or should not happen and when.

    2. Tell which plugin(s) and version(s) you are talking about. Provide a version info if you aren't sure. "Latest version" is ambiguous and doesn't answer this question.

    3. If you want to achieve something, tell what you have tried so far and what was the outcome. This will speed things up especially when you are posting in a thread, which already has answers.

    4. Don't stop looking after you have posted. You may find the answer before it's given to you.

    If Miranda crashes:

    So you have a crash and want to let us know? Well here is some info on how to do it properly so it can actually be fixed. Make sure you have the latest version of Miranda first.

    This info is essential for the bug tracker also (except there it's has a nice template).

    1. Get the Crash Dumper plugin. After Miranda crashes, navigate to <profile directory>\CrashLog and open crashYYYYMMDDHHMMSS.txt, where the letters correspond to the time of crash. If the plugin listed as "likely cause of the crash" looks familiar, disable it, restart Miranda and see if it crashes again. Also make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin (check plugin list for the links).

    2. Get the steps to recreate the crash.
    - Try this on another Miranda profile (or a new profile with the same plugins)
    - If it doesn't crash for them, then backup your profile and run dbtool.exe in aggressive mode and try again. Backup the profile BEFORE running dbtool.

    3. So it still crashes? Start disabling plugins (1 or 2 at a time) that you think are completely unrelated to the cause and keep trying to create the crash. stop when the crash stops.. (or alternatively disable everything except db_3x.dll, your clist_*.dll and the plugin that causes the crash . Then enable 1 plugin at a time until the crash comes back.

    4. Now create a properly formatted versioninfo and post it with the crash report and details on how to re-create the crash... (BEFORE re-enabling all your other plugins) (Applies to both the forum and the bug tracker).

    5. Wait patiently for an answer.

    Useful Links:

    Version Information - details of plugins and Miranda version
    Crash report - learn how to provide a good crash report
    Network log - learn how to create a network log
    Addons - get additional plugins
    Plugin Discussion Threads and Download Links - list of plugins and their authors' web sites
    Customization Guides and Other Resources - information and tips on how to customize Miranda
    Miranda Communities - find help in other languages
    Miranda downloads
    Miranda test builds
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    I am sorry if I am at wrong section but I am newbie on forum :/ İs there any way to read old wiki articles? (especially customization articles) I am asking that for I couldnt find a complete guide about customization,addons and addons fuctions etc.. I need a big guide I wanna start using miranda.. Thx

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    Perched on a branch, be careful when you pass underneath!
    unfortunately they have been lost after the latest server breakdown
    and i guess someone will have to rewrite all again :(

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    Thx for the link, its works now partially :=)
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    Providing a patch

    What is the format of the patch file?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pepinlebref View Post
    What is the format of the patch file?
    Voilą! :)

    Quote Originally Posted by pescuma View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by andy2208 View Post
    Sorry, I don't understand which patch exactly and how to send?
    If you explain me I'll send
    This will generate a file called something.patch . It is a diff between your version and the version at svn.

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