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  1. [planning] addon structure
  2. [idea] unique id
  3. [planning] addon versioning
  4. [idea] xml-rpc interface
  5. [idea] addon verification in miranda over signature
  6. [idea] addon file packages
  7. Addon-Site development
  8. [idea] Protocol subcategory for threads
  9. [idea] new updater plugin
  10. [idea] central user management (single sign-on)
  11. [idea] simplify the download of plugins
  12. [idea] site listings of UI addons to have inline thumbnails with previews
  13. [idea] Pastebin
  14. [idea] Why search results aren't sorted from never to oldest ?
  15. [idea] EMails from the Addon site
  16. [idea] "Stauts" sub-category in Addons> Customize > Icons
  17. [idea] Could you change search terms length limitation?
  18. [idea] *bump up*
  19. 7z compression for backend xmls