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  1. Need help in how-to change away messages in plugin
  2. code responsible for icons
  3. How to "send" message
  4. get status message text of a contact?
  5. Will this crash?
  6. Can't remove event from clist if also removing event from history
  7. Creating a plugin with C# .NET
  8. Miranda archive database format?
  9. Protocol source - delphi
  10. (v)snprintf does not guarantee null termination!
  11. How to get my current away message?
  12. How to get the latest source code for beta build?
  13. Newbie plugin development
  14. Add my item in main Option menu
  15. Hooking RecvMessage
  16. Plugin policy
  17. Retrieving the last message received(/sent) from(/to) a contact
  18. about INTM_PROTOCHANGED message
  19. can we use c# to develop the plugin?
  20. hookable event that is fired when a message arrive in chat room of IRC
  21. getting phone number
  22. Looking for plugin-interface-documentation
  23. Miranda does not load my plugin
  24. [resolved] help with Chat plugin
  25. What to free in Unload()
  26. Plugin Development help/faq
  27. MS_CLIST_ADDEVENT with hContact == NULL
  28. Purpose of Netlib question
  29. Dialog pages API
  30. Protocol plugins making
  31. C++ plugin question
  32. Protocol Devs: Improve status msg code
  33. Error when editing the source code
  34. Why Miranda crashes?
  35. Convert a Miranda Com componet,could use in c#/Delphi/vb...
  36. I can't register new protocol
  37. Need help from ICQ developers: Proper way of getting IP address?
  38. get irc event
  39. What alignment is used for PROTOCOLDESCRIPTOR struct?
  40. Small Delphi plugin. What's wrong with it?
  41. SDK where??
  42. IRC Source code recompile
  43. Miranda plugin development documentation
  44. MSN Message confusion
  45. How to write a plugin....
  46. Set MSN Nickname
  47. netlib behavior when shutting down
  48. how to compile plugin?
  49. How to make plugins to display a toolbar on the Miranda toolbar
  50. miranda plugin compile errors
  51. Plugin Development
  52. How can I get the miranda source code?
  53. Hook outgoing Messages
  54. API for Delphi
  55. Unload export safety
  56. Nickname to hContact
  57. From Desire to Development: Configuring a Development Platform for Miranda
  58. Send message to popop-plugin with Visual Basic
  59. getting the source code
  60. History database specification
  61. How to write a plugin that integrates with a chat window
  62. hook for wm_moving request
  63. How to send a message
  64. How event add from Delphi
  65. Options dialog; when reopened m_hWnd == NULL
  66. how to retrieve my away message
  67. 0.5.1 Delphi problem
  68. adminbot
  69. how to compile clist_modern ?
  70. Change xStatus message
  71. Reading my own status message
  72. Using Protocol plug-ins with another app
  73. plugin development - how could it be simplified?
  74. What do i need to write a plugin?
  75. Visual C++ plugin development
  76. Database Help...
  77. How to get hContact of myself (retrieving ICQ XStatus via /GetXStatusEx)
  78. How to force official icq clients to reread ICQ XStatus message
  79. I want to write a frame window in MFC for MirandaIM
  80. Help with plugin development
  81. How to write a plugin Echo?
  82. how to compile
  83. [resolved] Options-> Plugins -> Ansi / Unicode column
  84. Important Plugin Changes For Plugin Authors
  85. NetLib and NTLM authentication
  86. Compiling plugins with GCC
  87. button or icon in to message windows
  88. update outlook's contacts from miranda
  89. [resolved] How to hook to status changes?
  90. Avatar plug-in on Deplhi
  91. message flags
  92. The Correct Platform SDK For VC 6.0 ++ to Compile the Miranda Project
  93. suggestion: code snippets instead of whole feature-suites plugins
  94. Создание плагина
  95. C# Api
  96. SVN version download completely?
  97. Plug-in Development How To
  98. Develop Simple Protocol
  99. Two icons for one contact and one status
  100. Plugin tutorials & plugin API documentation?
  101. how to compile Miranda from source
  102. visual studio/sdk version to compile miranda 0.7.6
  103. Hook Order
  104. Sending statusmessage (autoresponse SNAC)
  105. tutorial or FAQ on creating a plug-in?
  106. [resolved] Need help in compiling the miranda 0.7.8 source code
  107. Plugin SDK - very basic questions
  108. Question about MS_DB_EVENT_GETTEXT / Delphi
  109. Jabber Auto-Join Chat Room
  110. MessageBox crash at Unload, why?
  111. profile file format
  112. To SET Avatar on Miranda - Yahoo
  113. [resolved] Miranda doesn't see my plugin
  114. Protocol icon in the status bar
  115. Provide SVN diff
  116. Minimal Plugin /Language
  117. Multi-accounts support by protocol plugins in Miranda 0.8.0
  118. Miranda termination sequence
  119. Detecting of internet disconnection with netlib
  120. Unicode support by protocol plugins
  121. Protocol plugin displays Unknown Contact instead of name in contact list
  122. Search approach in new protocol plugins
  123. Custom search fields in 'Find/Add Contacts' dialog
  124. Picture in advanced search results
  125. Custom search results - columns width
  126. Extra members in search results
  127. Plugin development tutorials?
  128. Menu items in new miranda b27
  129. UserInfo/MsgBox not supported?
  130. Ignoring incoming messages by protocol plugin
  131. [resolved] Compile plugin with Visual Studio
  132. Timeout for messages sending
  133. Support of transparent images
  134. Deletion of the contacts
  135. Current SVN discussion
  136. Common interface for plugin settings
  137. Threads
  138. ICQ through HTTP protocol
  139. [resolved] How to Compile
  141. How to debug image leaks?
  142. How to catch a protocol status changing?
  143. How to make a HTTP Request?
  144. getting details from gmail
  145. C++ compilers vs Miranda
  146. Working Delphi plugin sources for Miranda 0.7.x?
  147. Implementing "user info" + avatar in protocol
  148. May I put any text to contact's second line?
  149. interprogram comunication
  150. How I can set Jabber activity and mood from a plugin?
  151. Why not all m_ headers from the "main" plugins are in the include path?
  152. [resolved] Compiling jabber.dll
  153. Some questions about structs and unicode.
  154. Help with fontservice background colour
  155. How to handle messages in a frame?
  156. No Parse XML File API?
  157. [resolved] contact's uin
  158. complie source code fail
  159. x64 plugins
  160. HTTP POST Method
  161. Hooking messages
  162. Another compilation problem(s)
  163. Compilation of plugins still make me crazy (3rd partie headers)
  164. CList Nicer
  165. Plugin Development
  166. What's the best way to find leaks?
  167. send/receive file hooking
  168. can't build latest non-unicode msn + tabsrmm
  169. Work with messages
  170. Miranda events handling
  171. Weird bug: can't initialize LIST_INTERFACE
  172. UserInfo Question
  173. [resolved] PACKETRECEIVER is not working as intended
  174. [resolved] Need help creating a group chat window
  175. Handling PSS_MESSAGE
  176. Memory allocation problem
  177. [resolved] how to hook contact status change ?
  178. Looking for plugin coding help....
  179. DLL multithread problem
  180. Editing .dat with PHP, how?
  181. 1st plugin - crashing miranda
  182. [resolved] Opening fake chat window of existing protocol
  183. Jabber: raw xml message.
  184. Recompile Miranda with winelib
  185. [resolved] Please some help with Mbot Script
  186. Own status for gaming protocol
  187. [resolved] Cannot read string settings from database, please review my code
  188. [resolved] Building miranda from source 0.8.26
  189. Setting Jabber Activity/Mood based on Away message.
  190. Sending bytes and displaying results in a contact
  191. fix for compilation error
  192. basic miranda coding questions
  193. Creating plugin: what to start from ?
  194. [resolved] Miranda API / Delphi
  195. MS_SYSTEM_GET_MD5I and strings like %20
  196. unresolved external
  197. [resolved] Debugging plugins
  198. Messages synchronization and duplicate messages checking
  199. Search functionality in latest Miranda
  200. [resolved] My data is being corrupted when miranda is sending it
  201. how to change x-status?
  202. [resolved] Miranda API doesn't seem to work, but WinInet does?
  203. Pictures display in the text of messages
  204. XStatus change & notify other plugins
  205. Folders structure guidelines
  206. Contacts with name Forward
  207. Plugin licensing
  208. Netlib default timeout
  209. External Miranda-DB-Access
  210. ME_CLIST_GROUPCHANGE question
  211. Encrypting text, audio and video data
  212. Compiling Miranda under MSVC Express
  213. Miranda based project
  214. Update notification.
  215. Auto reply
  216. How to tell miranda that own avatar was changed?
  217. what I can start from to modify contact list appearance and functionality
  218. how to intercept jabber message in my plugin
  219. how to show blinking notification icon in tray
  220. how to build plugin and miranda with unicode support
  221. how to resize frame
  222. Does Miranda support ICQ direct connection?
  223. JSON support
  224. Patch For Jabber To Add Google Shared Status (Invisible) Support
  225. How can I check for unread messages
  226. sje plugin code on github
  227. Email API
  228. Event when receiving an email
  229. Miranda Plugin Empty Project or Template
  230. Compiling Miranda in Eclipse with MinGW?
  231. Developer wanted -- Adding optional real-time text to Miranda IM
  232. Any thoughts on Github?
  233. How to send a single MSN message?
  234. "/FileAllow" and "/SendFile"
  235. how to start coding plugins
  236. help with modeless dialog
  237. calling mir_alloc cause a crash
  238. utf8
  239. OAuth support in protocol addon
  240. Request and bounty for fixing two bugs concerning Scriver
  241. Planed port for Windows CE 6.0
  242. Issue 1504 at clist_mw
  243. Help view jid
  244. modernb bug & tabsrmm feature
  245. API for XStatus messages?
  246. Code Dev. contribution
  247. Custom button TopToolBar
  248. uuid
  249. Question on GetHighestIndexEntry() in import.dll (mirabilis.c)
  250. Recompile Miranda with winelib?